Top 5 Ab Exercises

If you want to develop a ripped midsection, you will need to perform the best exercises for the abdominal area. These exercises include movements for the upper and lower abs, as well as the obliques. Here are the top 5 ab exercises in no particular order.

Crunches – This is the most basic of the top 5 ab exercises. To do them you simply lie down on your back and raise your upper body a little using the abs. To do them correctly you must concentrate on contracting the ab muscles on every rep. Crunches are usually done on a flat surface like a bench or mat. However, performing them on a core ball will allow for a deep stretch in the abs at the bottom of every repetition. You can add a twist to alternating sides on crunches to hit the ab/oblique area. You can also add some resistance by holding a light medicine ball.

Leg Raises – These will target the lower abs and are certainly among the top five abdominal exercises. Doing them involves raising the legs to activate the lower abdominal muscles. You can do them while hanging from an overhead bar, while on a back-supported piece of equipment specifically made for doing them, while seated on the edge of a bench, or while lying on a bench.

Decline Sit-ups – One of the top 5 ab exercises is to perform sit-ups on a declined bench. You get on a declined ab bench, then raise the upper body using the ab and hip flexor muscles. Doing decline sit-ups will give you a much better ab workout than performing normal sit-ups will. This is one of the best exercises for twisting to each side on alternating reps on. This is another exercise you can use a medicine ball on for added resistance.

Side Bends – If you want to target the obliques, side bends are one of the top 5 ab exercises. The obliques are the muscles on the sides of the midsection and should be trained for optimal abdominal development. To do them you bend to the side with weight held on the opposing side. These are best done with dumbbells or cables.

Ab Roll-ups – This is among the top five ab exercises because it will work the abs in a different way than other abdominal exercises. The most popular way to do this exercise is to use an ab wheel (a small wheel with handles on each side). You grip the handles with your knees on a mat and roll the wheel forward – lowering your body until it’s cloor to the floor. You then return to the starting position using the ab muscles. You can also do ab roll-ups with a core ball by putting your arms on the ball and rolling it forward.

On all of the best 5 ab exercises you should do high reps on all of your sets. While you want to develop the abs, you don’t necessarily want to train them overly heavy. High rep sets are perfect for the abs to build the muscles without going to the point where they appear “blocky”.

You can also try performing supersets on most of the five greatest ab exercises. When you do crunches on a core ball with a medicine ball, you can drop the ball when you reach failure and continue doing reps with no weight. Another one I like is to do a set of hanging leg raises followed immediately by a set of leg raises from the edge of a bench. You also perform drop sets on side bends. Doing any of these things will add high intensity to your ab workouts.

If you take advantage of the top 5 ab exercises, you will almost certainly see great results.

Supersets For Abs

How intense you work out is a big part of whether you reach your fitness goals or not. If you go to the gym and just go through the motions, you probably won’t get the desired results. By contrast, if you go at it hard, you should get where you want to go. This also holds true for training the abdominal muscles.

Doing supersets for abs will greatly boost the intensity of your midsection workouts. Super sets are a “set” where you do a set of one exercise and immediately follow it with a set of another exercise. You can do this when you’re weight training any muscle group of the body. However, if there’s one area of the body that can really benefit from supersetting, it’s the abs.

Another benefit of supersets for abs is that they will allow you to get through your workouts quicker. By going to failure multiple times in one large super set you won’t need to do near as many total sets.

The abs and other muscles of the midsection recover more quickly than other muscle groups. This is also an area that you won’t be looking to add size to, so you will be going for high repetition sets when you do ab workouts. Both of these factors make supersets perfect for abdominal training. So does the fact that you can break up the midsection into different sections that include the upper abs, lower abs, and obliques. You can perform an exercise for one of these sections and follow it immediately with an exercise for a different section. You can also super set a tougher exercise followed by one that’s a bit easier.

One great example of a superset for abs include performing leg raises followed immediately by crunches. There are plenty of ways to do this because there are numerous forms of both of these exercises. You can Do leg raises while hanging from an overhead bar, while lying on a bench, or while sitting on the edge of a bench. Crunches can be done on a mat, an ab workout machine, or on a core ball. There are plenty of combinations for this type of ab superset you can take advantage of to keep your ab workouts fresh.

You can also perform supersets for the same area of the midsection. personal favorite is to to a set of hanging leg raises followed immediately by leg raises from the edge of a bench. The hanging leg raises are a tougher exercise, and after hitting failure on them you should be able to do a set of bench leg raises. You can make it even tougher by starting with twisting leg raises to hit the obliques as well.

Another favorite abdominal supserset of mine is to perform a drop set on a weighted crunch bench followed immediately by a set on an ab roller. Start with a heavy enough weight to get between 15 and 20 reps on a crunch bench, then drop the weight 2 or 3 times to really burn the abs. After this, go right to a set with an ab roller to finish the muscles off.

Here’s an example of an ab workout consisting of supersets. Start with the first exercise and follow it immediately with the exercise or exercises listed after it.
Hanging twisting leg raises, non-twisting leg raises, seated leg raises
Weighted crunch bench drop set, ab roller set
Weighted side bends, non-weighted side bends
Core ball crunches with medicine ball, then without medicine ball
Ab twist machine drop set.

An ab workout like the one above will allow you to hit all of the muscles of the midsection area without taking a ton of time. Try doing a workout like this twice a week. You will see results quickly. Of course, you still have to follow a proper diet to keep body fat from hiding your abs.

Getting Ab Definition

Getting abdominal definition is something many of us who exercise regularly want to do. You can have a lot of muscle mass, but your physique won’t have the ‘look’ unless you have defined abs. Whether you’re a competitive bodybuilder or just want to have a body that looks good at the beach, getting ab definition should be at the top of your list of priorities.

The thing that separates many people from getting ab definition is an extra layer of body fat. With all of the easily available processed and fast foods out there it can be tough to avoid gaining fat, especially if you are always on the go and don’t have time to prepare healthy and nutritious meals. However, if you want to get abdominal definition you must eat nutritious food without taking in too many calories. In fact, it’s better to actually eat more often to get rid of unwanted body fat. You should be eating 5 or 6 small meals instead of the normal breakfast, lunch, and dinner routines. This will help increase your metabolic rate and keep your energy levels up all day. Try preparing low calorie meals made up of lean meats such as chicken breast, fish, or even lean red meat and green vegetables in the morning or the night before and taking them with you in a cooler when you go to work for the day. Meal replacement supplements in bar or shake form and protein powders will also help you get quick and nutritious meals if you want to succeed at getting ab definition.

Exercising is also a very important part of getting abdominal definition. You need to burn extra calories and boost your metabolism with intense cardiovascular and weight training exercise routines. When you perform high intensity workouts you’ll kick your metabolism into high gear, burn more calories, and make your workouts much more efficient so you get them done quicker – which is important if you don’t have a lot of time to spare. The extra muscle mass that you build through weight training will also help you increase your resting metabolism since more muscle will burn energy to maintain itself. Get into the gym, work out hard, and get out. As long as you get leaner you’ll be on your way to getting ab definition.

Of course, performing abdominal workouts are a must if you want to get ab definition. Exercises such as crunches, incline sit-ups, and leg raises will help you develop your abs. You’ll want to do these exercises for high rep sets since you aren’t necessarily after big size gains for the ab and other midsection muscles. You are after a small, tight, and defined midsection area if you’re trying to succeed at getting ripped abs. Make sure to add a twist to each side on alternating reps on some of your ab exercise sets to work the abdominal/oblique tie-ins. If you want to get more out of crunches, perform them on a core ball so you get a stretch in the abdominal muscles at the bottom of a rep. You should also do some training for your oblique muscles with some high rep sets of side bends with a light dumbbell or using light weight with a cable. Once again, you want to train the ab muscles with high intensity to develop them.

If you combine all of these things, you can get ab definition without having to spend a huge amount of time doing it. Set up a diet and exercise routine and stick with it. You’ll be well on your way to getting abdominal definition.

How To Get Abs Fast

Nothing shows that you eat right and take care of yourself like a defined midsection. Having flat and defined abs will also catch the eye of members of the opposite sex. Fortunately, most people can succeed at getting abs if they do certain things. Now’s the time to change your diet and exercise program to put yourself in the position to get ripped abs. It will take some effort, but it is certainly possible to learn how to get abs fast.

Of course if you want to know how to get abs fast you need to take your diet into account. The one thing that keeps a lot of us from having ripped abs is a layer of fat that hides them. Decreasing the amount of calories you consume can go a long way in getting rid of this unwanted belly fat. If you only have 10 or 20 pounds to lose you should cut 500 calories from your daily diet when you want to know how to get abs quickly. Cutting your caloric intake by this amount will lead to one pound of fat loss because a pound of fat contains 3500 calories. This is a safe and healthy way to lose fat and will keep your body from losing muscle mass.

Another thing you should do when you’re trying to succeed at getting abs quickly is to actually eat more frequently. Whenever you eat you get a boost in your metabolism, so eating more often will lead to more of these increases throughout the day. You also won’t suffer from the hunger pangs and energy lags that you get when you follow a normal 3 meal a day diet. The key to losing fat from eating more often is to keep your meals low in calories.

It’s very important to perform cardiovascular exercise regularly when you want to know how to get abs fast. Doing cardio will allow you to burn extra calories so you get rid of more of the fat covering up your abdominal muscles. Running, biking, working out on an elliptical machine, and playing an active sport are all excellent forms of cardio exercise. It’s excellent for burning away extra calories and body fat. When you performing cardio workouts you should try varying the intensity of your training when you want to know how to get abs quickly. If you do some bursts of high intensity training during your low or medium intensity cardiovascular workouts you’ll boost your metabolic rate and be able to get through your workouts in less time.

When you want to learn how to get abs fast you should start following a weight training routine. When you gain muscle mass from weight training you’ll get an increase in your resting metabolism. This will allow your body to burn extra calories and fat even when you aren’t exercising. For optimal results you need to weight train with high intensity. This will allow you to make your workouts shorter and more efficient. Recovery is the key to muscle growth so you should split up your weight training routine if you want to know how to get six pack abs fast. You should also take days off of weight training. Three or four intense weight training workouts per week should be plenty for building muscle size, losing belly fat, and getting ripped abs.

Planks For Abs

When it comes to getting ripped abs, you need to do a variety of exercises to develop the muscles in the core of your body. One of the functions of the abdominal and surrounding muscles is to stabilize the body. Doing planks for abs will force you to stabilize the body and help youbuild a six-pack midsection. To comfortably do planks you should use a mat on the floor.

The most basic way to do planks for abs is to get into a position like you would while doing push-ups, but with the forearms on a mat. In this position your back should be straight, toes on the floor or mat, and your arms bent at the elbows. The key to this exercise is to just hold this position for as long as possible. Your abs will be forced to keep balance and stability. As your abdominal muscles get stronger, you will be able to hold this position for more time. Doing planks for the abs will spare you the lower back pain you may get while performing other midsection exercises.

There are other forms of plank exercises for the abs that will force your muscles to work harder or in a different way for more variety. You can try doing them with your toes on something higher up off of the floor. You can do this with a bench, but to really work more stabilizing core muscles it’s best to do this with a core ball. Many more small muscles will be activated and your ab muscles will reap the benefits.

You can also add variety to planks for abs by raising your arms and legs while doing them. Try raising one arm straight out in front of you and holding the plank position. do this for as long as you can, then raise the other arm and repeat. You will notice that it is tougher to keep the body stabilized and you will be activating more core muscles. You can also try raising one leg at a time. For a more advanced version of planks for the abs, you can raise one arm and one leg on the opposing side (left arm and right leg or right arm and left leg). This can be real tough and will really get the abs and other midsection muscles working. When you get enough of doing the one arm, one leg combination, do the other arm and leg until you can’t hold the position any longer.

You can also use planks to work the obliques. You do this by lying on your side and getting into a position where you are up on one forearm and hold it for as long as possible before switching to the other side. To make this exercise more advanced you can lower and raise the middle area of your body while still keep you forearm and feet on the mat. Raising the upper leg while doing side planks will also work more core muscles.

As you can see, planks for abs will allow you to hit the core muscles in many different ways. Take advantage of this exercise to get ripped abs.

Abdominal Exercise Routines

Building muscle size and strength is certainly a good thing to do, but if you really want to bring your physique to the next level you need to train for a tight midsection. Nothing draws the eyes of the opposite sex like having ripped abs. It’s also essential to strengthen your abs, as they help support the body while you perform many exercises. Because of these things, it’s very important to make abdominal exercise routines part of your workout program.

Abdominal workout routines should be made up of exercises such as crunches, leg raises, and twisting sit-ups on a declined bench. You can also use a core ball to perform ab exercises on, as they will allow you to stretch your abs unlike most other exercises for the midsection. Leg raises are best done while hanging from an overhead bar or while seated on the edge of a bench. For a different type of ab exercise you can use an ab roller.

When you follow an abdominal exercise routine, you should do each movement for high reps. You don’t want your abs to end being too thick from doing heavy work for them. Every now and then, you may do some heavier work for a change of pace, but for the most part you’ll want to perform ab exercises with no extra weight. Aim to get a deep burn in the muscles when you train your abs.

Some training for the obliques should be part of all abdominal exercise routines. The best exercises for the obliques are twisting exercises and side bends with dumbbells or cables. Like with the abs, you don’t want to build too much thickness in your obliques so you shouldn’t use much weight when you train them. When you train your abs you should do some training for your obliques as well.

The abs recover quicker than other muscles, so you can train them more often. Abdominal exercise routine can be done every other workout. To keep your muscles guessing, you should also change up your routine frequently.

Abdominal exercise routines, when combined with a solid diet program, will put you well on your way to the six-pack abs you’ve been striving for.

Lower Ab Workouts

When you perform ab workouts, you may find that your upper abs develop much easier than your lower abs. It’s tough enough to get rid of any extra body fat around your midsection, and it tends to stay over your lower abdominal area even more. Of course, you’ll also want these muscles developed when you do lose the unwanted body fat. This way, you will have that rock hard look many of us strive for,

Doing lower ab workouts is a must when you want to get ripped abs. In fact, it’s a good idea to start your abdominal workouts with exercises that target the lower half of the abs. You’ll be able to focus more energy on them that way. You can also try doing super sets consisting of a lower ab movement followed immediately by one for the upper abs.

The best exercises to do during lower abdominal workouts are leg raises. You can do leg raises while hanging from an overhead bar or while seated on the edge of a bench. When you do either form of this exercise, you should concentrate on using your lower abs to raise the weight of your legs. You can also twist to either side as you do reps to bring more muscles into play.

Another top notch exercise to do during lower ab workouts is to put your feet on a core ball in a push up position facing the floor. You then pull your feet towards your chest using the lower ab muscles.

While lower ab workouts are necessary to develop your abs, diet also plays a pivotal role. The fat around this area is more likely to hang around, so you’ll need to follow a stricter low-calorie, high-protein diet to finally get rid of it.

A combination of lower abdominal workouts and the right diet will do wonders when you want six-pack abs.

Exercising To Get Abs

Exercising regularly is an essential part of getting defined abdominal muscles. You can lose some unwanted body fat through dieting alone, but you can get rid of much more fat and develop your abs if you perform intense exercise. If you want to burn more fat and get ripped, now’s the time to start exercising to get abs.

When you’re exercising to get abs, it’s very important to train the abdominal muscles themselves. When you perform ab workouts you should do all of your sets for high reps with no or very light extra weight since you’re trying to develop the muscles without making them appear too big and blocky. The abs recover more quickly than most other muscle groups so you can train them more frequently. As long as they aren’t still sore from their last workout, you can train your abs every other day. The top exercises to do during your abdominal workouts are crunches on a flat surface or a core ball, leg raises, twisting incline sit-ups, and side bends. Make regularly changes when you’re exercising to get abs to avoid hitting a plateau and keep your muscles guessing.

Cardiovascular exercise plays an important role in exercising to get ripped abs. When you perform cardio workouts you’ll burn more calories and fat. Most fitness experts recommend low intensity cardio workouts done for a longer period of time. However, you may be able to make your cardiovascular training more effective by performing short bursts of high intensity training every few minutes. If you jog for cardio exercise, you can do an all out sprint for 20 to 30 seconds every few minutes to boost your metabolism and get your workouts done in less time. You can do this with any form of cardio when you’re exercising to get abs. If you aren’t used to exercising you should start with short workouts lasting 10 to 20 minutes every other day. Over time you’ll want to work your way up to doing cardiovascular workouts that last 30 to 45 minutes five times a week. The best forms of cardio to do when you’re exercising to get abs are running or jogging, biking, and working out on an elliptical machine.

Weight training is also essential when you start exercising to get six pack abs. Nothing will help you build muscle better then lifting weights. This kind of exercise will help you get abs because building more muscle size will boost your resting metabolic rate. This will lead to more fat loss around your waistline. When you’re doing weight training exercise to get abs you’ll want to train with a lot of intensity and avoid overtraining. Work hard and get your workouts finished in under an hour. Your muscles need to recover to grow, so you should split up your routine so it takes 3 workouts to train all of your muscles. As long as you train hard, you shouldn’t need more than 3 or 4 weight training workouts a week to build muscle, lose fat, ad get six-pack abs.

For more excellent information on exercising to get abs you should check out The Truth About Abs.

Dieting To Get Abs

If you want to succeed at getting abs you need to get rid of any body fat you have hanging around your waistline. If you regularly do abdominal workouts you may actually have well developed abs that can’t be seen since they’re covered by a layer of fat. If you’ve been training your abs intensely but still can’t see them, it’s time you started dieting to get abs.

A major part of dieting to get abs is to decrease the amount of calories you consume on a daily basis. However, there are a lot of people who take this too far. Lowering your daily caloric intake to an extremely low amount will likely cause you to lose muscle size along with fat, which is something you really don’t want to do when you’re trying to get defined abs. Lowering your calorie intake too much will also lead to low energy levels throughout the day. It can keep you from getting the nutrients your body needs for peoper functioning as well.

A safe and healthy way to succeed at dieting to get abs is to decrease the amount of calories you consume daily by 500. One pound of fat contains 3500 calories so cutting 500 calories per day should lead to a pound of fat loss per week. This is an excellent thing to do if you are only 10 or 20 pounds from getting your abs to show. You’ll be able to get rid of fat without burning away muscle like you would if you went on an extremely low calorie diet. If you have a lot of fat to lose you can cut more calories from your daily diet. Just make sure not to deplete your self too much when you’re dieting to get abs.

When you’re dieting to get abs you need to eat healthy and nutritious foods. You should also consume as many natural foods as possible. Processed foods contain preservatives that you want to avoid putting in your body. A diet to get abs should be made up of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Eating protein rich foods will help you keep and build muscle mass. The top sources of protein are lean red meats, chicken breast, fish, and egg whites. The popular extremely low carb and low fat diets aren’t necessary when you’re on a diet to get abs. Just make sure to consume healthy carbs and fats that won’t lead to gains in body fat. Another thing you should is to consume most of your daily carbs earlier in the day because eating too many before you go to sleep can lead to them being stored as body fat. The best sources of protein are green vegetables, brown rice, and whole grain pastas. You need to keep fats in your diet for proper bodily functions. Just avoid unhealthy saturated fats when you’re dieting to get abs.

Another thing you need to do when you’re dieting to get ripped abs is to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. Every time you eat you get a boost in your metabolic rate – which is essential for burning unwanted body fat. When you follow a normal 3 meal a day diet your body will be more likely to hold on to fat because of the long amounts of time between meals. Eating more frequently will also help you avoid this when you’re on a diet to get abs. When you eat more frequently you need to keep your meals very low in calories. Consume small portions every few hours and you won’t get hungry and you’ll keep your enery levels up all day. It can be tough to prepare your daily meals if you lead a busy life. If you have a problem with this you should purchase a meal replacement supplement.

Upper Ab Workouts

While the lower abs are harder to develop, the upper abs aren’t so easy themselves. It takes real effort to develop any area of the midsection, and this includes the upper abs. A combination of diet and upper ab workouts are the way to go.

The best upper ab workouts will usually include crunches. They are done by basically lying down on your back and lifting the shoulders up using your ab muscles. You “crunch” the abs, hence the name of the exercise. Your can do them on the floor, a flat bench, a decline bench, a machine, or a core ball. Doing crunches on a core ball is unique because you’ll be able to get a stretch in the ab muscles, which can’t be done on a flat surface. It’s a good idea to have some core ball training in your upper ab workouts.

Another great exercise to perform during upper abdominal workouts is the decline sit-up. This is an excellent exercise for adding a twist to each side on alternating reps to activate more muscles in the midsection area.

You can even use cables during your upper ab workouts. You do this by kneeling while facing away from a cable with a rope or straight bar attached to it. You then use the abs to crunch downwards. This is a nice exercise when you want to do something a bit different when training your abs.

It’s best to keep your upper ab workouts and your lower ab workouts together. You can start by doing exercises for one then the other or alternate between upper and lower ab exercises.