Bench Press Routines

Most guys who weight train want to bench press more weight. It’s the favorite exercise for the majority of people who lift weights. If you’re brand new to weight training, a huge bench won’t happen overnight. It takes time for your muscles to grow. Fortunately, you can build strength and size with the right bench press routines.

Obviously, your bench press routine will be part fo your chest workout routine. Most of the exercises you do for your chest are going to be some form of the bench press. Isolation exercises such as flyes and cable crossovers should be done towards the end of your chest workouts. While the flat barbell bench press should be the main exercise in your chest routine, you also need to hit the chest muscles from various angles for overall muscular development in the pecs. This means that exercises such as incline and decline bench presses should be part of your bench press routine.

Bench pressing with a barbell is certainly the most popular way to perform the exercise. However, you should do some sets of flat and incline benches with dumbbells during your bench press routines. Using dumbbells will allow you to stretch deeper at the bottom of a rep. This could help make you stronger at the point during a bench press rep when you are starting to lift the weight off of your chest. Doing some dumbbell exercises will also activate more small stabilizing muscles to control the weights.

To avoid hitting a plateau in your bench pressing routine, you should make changes regularly. You should always keep flat and incline bench presses in your routine, but you may want to switch around some other exercises. Switch between flat and incline dumbbell bench presses at every other workout. Do the same thing with decline presses and dips. You should also vary your rep ranges. Try setting up a bench press routine where you do high reps on every set during the first workout, medium reps during the next workout, and low reps during the last workout. If you do these things you’ll always keep your body guessing and you won’t be as likely to hit a wall in your progress.

Here is a sample bench press routine.
First workout (15-20 or 12-15 reps on every set)
2-3 sets of bench presses
2-3 sets of incline bench presses
1-2 sets of decline bench presses or dips (switch every other workout)
1-2 sets of flat or incline dumbbell bench presses (switch every other workout)
Second workout (10-15 or 7-12 reps)
2-3 sets of bench presses
2-3 sets of incline presses
2-3 sets of decline presses or dips
2-3 sets of flat or incline dumbbell bench presses
Third workout (5-10 or 3-7 reps)
3-4 sets of bench presses
3-4 sets of incline benches
2-3 sets of decline presses or dips
2-3 sets of flat or incline dumbbell bech presses
Make sure to give yourself enough rest between workouts. This depends on your recovery ability, but 4 or 5 days in between workouts will work for most natural weight trainers.

Of course, that’s just a sample benching routine you could try. You should experiment to find what works best for you. Blast Your Bench and Critical Bench also have some great bench press routines you can try out to increase your benching strength and build bigger chest muscles.

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