Bench Press Tips For More Size And Strength

Who doesn’t want to be stronger on the bench press? It’s easily the most popular weight training exercise to do and people are always impressed by a big bench press. Of course, you do need to follow certain guidelines to gain benching strength. There are many great bench press tips for getting stronger on this incredible exercise.

Without a doubt, one of the best bench press tips is to learn proper lifting form on it. It should be the first thing you do for the bench press and every other exercise when you start weight training. Too many beginning weight trainers try lifting too much weight too soon and end up developing bad lifting form on the bench press. Performing this exercise the wrong way will just give your joints a beating and could lead to injury. If you start out by constantly cheating when you bench, it will be much harder to curb those habits later on. Buy a book or magazine that shows you proper bench press form or have a personal trainer show you how to perform it properly.

Another great bench press tip is to train with high intensity. If you are trying to build strength and size in your chest from bench pressing, you need to constantly challenge yourself. Once you’re finished warming up, do all of your working sets of bench press to failure. This means that you do reps during a set until you can’t possibly do any more. You also need to try to either lift more weight than you did during your last bench press workout or do the same amount of weight for more reps. It’s impossible to improve during every single workout, but as long as you try, your weights and/or reps will eventually go up.

Avoiding overtraining is another excellent bench press tip. If you do set after set on the bench and don’t give your chest enough rest to get stronger and grow, you’ll end up stuck at the same weight or may even get weaker. Too many beginning lifters believe that they will get a bigger bench by doing numerous sets and only giving themselves a few days off between bench workouts. If you train with high intensity and perform the bench press properly, it won’t take very many sets to get a response. You also need to make sure that your chest is not still sore from your last bench press workout before you do it again.

Another one of the best bench press tips is to have somebody spot you when you are going heavy. Getting stuck on the bench with a heavy bar on your chest can be extremely dangerous. It would be optimal to have someone spot you during every single working set of the bench press you do. However, not everybody has a training partner and wants to ask some random person at the gym to spot them during every set. If you don’t have a lifting partner, you should at least make sure that somebody is around when you are benching in case you get stuck and always ask for a spot when you’re maxing out. Doing bench presses on a Smith machine can also be safer.

Once you start following these basic bench press tips, you’ll be on your way to more benching strength and a bigger, thicker chest.

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