Bench Press Warm Up Sets

Warming up before you bench press is very important. You need to the muscles to be loose and warm if you want to bench press at full strength. Bench press warm up sets will also help you avoid an injury.

It should only take a few bench press warm up sets to be ready for your real workout. The first one can be with some light dumbbells or with a little weight on a barbell. You may even start out with a set of push-ups. This set will have you doing 15 to 20 reps and won’t have you going anywhere near failure. The next set will have you doing 12 to 15 reps with more weight, but still not getting too close to failure. Your last bench press warm up set will have you lifting weight that’s not too far off of what you will be using during your working sets and will have you only coming up a couple of reps short of failure.

One thing you can do while you are warming up for bench pressing is to do some warm up sets for your upper back. Getting a bit of a pump in the upper back may help you bench press more weight as your body will just be a little bit thicker. Some light cable pull-downs and rows will warm up your upper back and get blood flowing into the area.

To help loosen the muscles up, be sure to stretch the chest muscles between each warm up set. Doing this will help you get ready for an intense bench press workout.

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