Incline Bench Press Tips

The flat bench press is definitely the king of chest exercises. However, for overall strength and size in the pectoral muscles, you also need to make the incline bench press part of your exercise routine. This exercise will put the focus on your upper pecs, which is excellent for the muscularity of your upper body. To take advantage of this great exercise, you should check out these incline bench press tips.

If you’ve been lifting for a while, and do more sets of flat bench presses than you do of inclines, it’s possible that you have overdeveloped lower pecs as compared to the upper pecs. This can cause a droopy appearance in the chest, which certainly won’t enhance the look of your physique. If this is the case for you, one of the best incline bench press tips is to start your chest workouts with them rather than flat benches. Doing this will help your upper pecs catch up to the lower pecs. In fact, you may want to do incline work for your chest for the majority of your sets, with just 2 or 3 dedicated to the flat bench. Your upper body will look much better once you’ve developed the upper pecs to the proper proportions.

Another great incline bench press tip is to learn proper form on the exercise. The incline press is done much like the flat bench (pop your pecs out by pulling in your shoulder blades, don’t raise your butt off the bench, and avoid dropping the weight on your chest to bounce it up), but the angle does change the exercise. You will really need to stretch your upper pec/shoulder area before you do incline presses to avoid injury. The proper angle is also very important. Another thing about many incline benches is that the it can be tough to get the bar off the rack. Having a spotter aid you with this is the best option.

Training with high intensity is also one of the top incline press tips. To get those muscles bigger and stronger you need to go all out after you’ve warmed up. If possible, you can have a spotter help you get some forced reps. While you want to train hard, you do need to avoid overdoing it. With intense training, you can do less during each workout and still get as much out of it.

You will want to make changes to your workouts to continually build muscle and strength. This holds true for upper pectoral exercises as well. While you only have so many options as far as upper chest exercises go (incline presses with a barbell or dumbbells), there are other changes you can make. One of the best incline bench press tips is to switch the rep ranges you use from workout to workout.

Keep at it with these incline bench tips and you will get strength and size you’ve been looking for in the upper pecs.

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