Bench Press Drop Sets

At some point, your bench press workouts may become stale. Everybody hits a plateau where they don’t get strength and size gains at some. When this happens to you, you can try to make changes to your bench press routine. Using some intensity boosting techniques should help you break through your plateau and help you reach new highs on your bench. There are various things you can do to make your bench workouts more intense. One of the best is to do bench press drop sets.

In the simplest terms, to do bench press drop sets you do a set of bench until failure, then quickly drop the weight and continue to rep out until failure. This is easier said than done, since it takes a little time to take weights off each side of a barbell. This can be made easier by putting smaller weights on the barbell that equal the amount of weight you want to drop (if you’re going to drop the weight by 50 pounds, use 25 pound weights on each side). You can also have a spotter or two quickly take off weights for you so you can start lifting again.

A better option may be to use dumbbells while performing bench press drop sets. You can gather all of the weights you’ll use during a drop set and once you go to failure you easily go to the lighter dumbbells.

You can use bench press drop sets while benching on a flat, incline, or decline bench. Trying them on different exercises will allow you hammer the pecs from all angles.

If you want you can do more than one weight drop while doing bench press drop sets. If you do this you want need to do as many overall sets. In fact, if you decide to do drop sets on the bench press you have to try to avoid overtraining. Drop sets will take a lot of you, so be sure to get plenty of rest and recovery before the nest time you do them.

You may not to do bench press drop sets all of the time, but they are great if you want to give your intensity level a kick. They also make for great finishers to a chest workout.