How To Bench Press 300 Pounds

As you get stronger on the bench press, you’ll reach many milestones. 200 pounds is an achievable goal for just about anybody. After that, every 25 pounds is another big milestone. However, the bench press weight that really separates the men from the boys is 300 pounds. It is attainable for most of us, but it will take some intense strength training to get there. If you want to know how to bench press 300 pounds, there are some things you should do.

A big part of succeeding in your quest of how to bench 300 pounds is to make small gains regularly. When you train heavy, you need to always try to add a little weight or do an extra rep. You won’t get a strength increase during every single bench workout, but it will happen often enough if you train and rest properly. These small gains will add up over time to big ones.

When you want to know how to bench press 300 pounds, you also need to strengthen the muscles that assist the pecs while performing the exercise. If your front deltoids and triceps muscles are strong, you’ll be able to push more weight while benching. It’s a good idea to train the chest, shoulders, and triceps together as part of a “push-pull” strength training routine.

There are some great techniques you can use if you want to bench press 300 pounds. One of these techniques is to strengthen your weakest point on a bench press rep. To do this you can set up a bench in a squat rack to do just that part of a repetition. Whether you have the most trouble getting the bar off of your chest or at the lockout, you can use this technique.

Another technique to try if you want to learn how to bench press 300 pounds is to use a heavier weight for some partial reps or do negative only reps if possible. A reason that it seems so hard to reach 300 pounds on the bench for some of us is all in our heads. You may have gotten up to 290 or 295, but your mind could be forcing you to not hit 300 because it just seems like so much, even though it’s not much more than what you can do. Doing partials or negative reps (with a spotter on each side of the bar) allows you to use heavier weights than 300 and can help you wrap your mind around actually doing a full rep with that much weight. Also, the weight will seem lighter after getting a feel for heavier weights.

One thing you have to keep in mind when you want to know how to bench press 300 is proper exercise form. You’ve likely seen guys at the gym bench press a lot of weight while using sloppy form. This can lead to injury and should be avoided. Keep using proper bench press form as you get stronger so you hit a 300 pound bench the right way.

If you do all of these things you will finally know how to bench press 300 lbs. Once you reach this goal, you can go ahead and set a new one.

Increasing Bench Press Strength

Increasing bench press strength is something that most people who lift weights want to succeed at. Even if you are more interested in building muscle in the pecs, you’ll still need to get stronger on the bench press to force those muscles to grow. Fortunately, there are many ways to go about increasing bench press strength.

One thing you have to do to increase bench pressing strength is to perform the exercise the right way. Lie on the bench with your feet on the floor and pull in your shoulder blades to contract the upper back muscles and ‘pop’ the chest muscles out. This will decrease the distance you have to lift the weight by a little bit without resorting to cheating. It will also focus the resistance more on the pectorals. If you keep your back flat you will be benching with your front deltoids and triceps more than you need to. It’s a good idea to do some warm up sets for your upper back when you’re warming up on the bench press as it will allow you to flex those muscles a bit more. Always keep your butt on the bench and keep a natural arch in your lower back to perform the bench press properly. Once you get down the right way to do the exercise, you’ll be on your way to increasing bench press strength without cheating.

The shoulders, triceps, and even the biceps to a lesser degree all get involved when you bench. While training all of these muscles with high intensity will help you at increasing bench press strength, you also need to make sure that none of them are sore when you are bench pressing. Any weakness in these muscle groups will negatively affect your benching strength. Set up your routine so that you aren’t training any of these muscles for at least a few days before you bench press. Try following a push pull routine so that you do chest, shoulder, and triceps during the same workout. Do back and biceps during the next workout and legs during the last workout. This will ensure that the muscles that assist the most while you bench press are fully recovered by the time you get to your next chest workout. You’ll be primed and ready to increase your bench press strength.

Of course, to succeed at increasing bench pressing strength you must actually try to lift more weight. Too many lifters end up using the same amount of weight for the same amount of reps and do the same amount of sets during every bench press workout. They never build any real strength and size because their muscles get used to always doing the same thing and they don’t try to go any heavier. You need to always try to lift more weight for the same amount of reps or do more reps with the weight you usually do. Small increases will add up over time. If you train with high intensity and change up your routine, you’ll increase bench press strength and won’t have to spend as much time in the gym.

There are also many weight trainers who take the opposite route and try to train all out for numerous sets on the bench press. They may see some gains at first, then believe that they must keep doing more and more training to succeed at increasing bench press strength. However, doing a ton of sets with some assisted reps is just going to burn a natural weight trainer out and lead to overtraining. You won’t be able to muster up any intensity after a while anyway. If you train hard when you bench, it won’t take very many sets to see strength and size increases.

Increasing bench press strength is something that anybody can do if they go about it the right way. Work hard and be consistent to see positive results.